Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Golden Globes 2011

The Golden Globes 2011

The start of the awards season and more importantly the red carpet season….. how exciting.

It is great to see some of the catwalk pieces make it to the red carpet and to see who wore what and of course who looked stunning? As is the trend in the last few years – it all seems to be quite safe. There really are a lot of the actresses with the same clone like look with botoxed faces, smooth up-does, over-exercised arms, generally too skinny and wearing identical safe gown choices – there is not much individuality, but who can blame them? You do not want a bad gown call on the red carpet, so stylists are employed and we get one safe look.

A few of the new young stars, such as Michelle Williams and Scarlett Johansson, who do not fit the starlet clone mould made the mistake of being very conservative and looking older before their time  - lamb dressed as mutton.  Perhaps trying to be safe and not the cliché of the modern starlet as many of the other actresses do.  They do look beautiful, but safe and older – perhaps not the image they are trying to achieve.

I also find quite often, that what looks great when watching the red carpet E- news special (what else?) does not translate as well when a photo is shown in the style pages – of course it could just be not a great picture

My list of loves are:
The red carpet was awash with pink in all shades and green, there were no prints to be seen, but most of my favorite gowns tended to be in black –I loved them for the craftsmanship, fit, styling and simplicity.
All of the following would make a stunning wedding gown in similar designs to this shown with your own personal twist.

Eva Longoria - Zac Posen, She was the ultimate screen siren in this stunning gown, which fitted her to a perfection, dramatic but not overpowering. Try our Payton jacket and Stephanie skirt, for a similar look

Halle Berry - Nina Ricci, who looked simple and sexy in a black corset dress, and I love a corset - showing off that sensational body of hers, which looks fit and fabulous. My choice would have been a longer skirt even though she does have the pins to pull this off.  For a corset bodice choose the Estelle gown, with full tulle skirt 

Jennifer Lopez - Zuhair Murad, Ivory draped chiffon gown with a Swarovski crystal overlay. The draping showed off her incredibly small waist. This could have looked too bridal but worked for her on the red carpet and she pulled it off. Select the Kimberly gown for a center drape and show your waist off with a belt. This gown can be ordered without the straps 

 Mandy Moore - Monique Lhuillier – Choose the Allegra gown for the same look

Anne Hathaway - Armani Prive – stunning with the flat oversized sequins and the sheer low back.
Angelina Jolie - Versace, when watching Angelina on the red carpet I loved the movement and the fit of the gown, I do not think it translates into a picture as well – perhaps a flash of skin would have enhanced the look.
The Ava gown will give you a similar look to these screen goddess's. The fabric is made in delicate sequins also featuring a low back, and dramatic shoulders

Jane Fonda - George Hobeika shows her style and defies her 73 years with a modern, embellished take on the simple black column. Really we could all take a page from this woman’s book, she looks stunning and age appropriate - a great look for Mothers of the bride. 

Helena Bonham Carter with her quirky take on her outfit and independent style with mismatched shoes, Victoriana hair and classic Vivienne Westwood dress.  I thought she was a breath of fresh air and I love the way she sticks to her own style – like it or not she is true to herself (and she was brilliant in the Kings Speech) How lucky are we to have a star who has  fun  and knows who she is. - Perhaps not a look for your wedding day, but then again be true to yourself.


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