Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Real Bride...

Stella & Minh

Stella met Minh through one of her bridesmaids, Julia, who jokingly told Minh ‘there was no way Stella would go for him. Minh took this as a challenge and a few months later, succeeded!’ – And now 8 years later they exchanged vows and celebrated an elaborate wedding day at Carousel, Albert Park Lake.

Apart from Stella looking nothing but perfect in her KWH couture gown, the whole day was delicately planned and judging from photos we are sharing with you, both Stella and Minh have great taste and all the details of their wedding day are simply beautiful. With the help from A Lavish Affair, their inspiration was a rather regal theme and they drew ideas from ‘mansions, gold detailing, apricot/peach and gold…. I wanted a royal mansion and a feeling of luxury!’ – Which worked beautifully at the location and complimented her KWH gown as Stella was after something ‘vintage, with different textures, soft and feminine’.

Minh's proposal was a surprise at the snow - ‘Since our first year of dating, Minh and I would make a trip to the snow every year for the past 7 years. At times we would go alone, other times we would have friends come up with us. This year, we had a group of friends join us and they all knew that Minh was going to propose. Towards the end of the second day, some of our friends decided to head home but I wanted ‘one last run’ down the peak of the mountain. I guess Minh took this as an opportunity and gave everyone a little look to say, ‘this is it! All our friends got the message and headed home, Minh and I took the chairlift up to the peak alone. After getting off at the peak, Minh suggested we take a break after a long day and enjoy the view before the day ends. We sat down and as soon as my bottom hit the snow, he jumped up, settled on one knee and proposed. I was speechless and couldn't say anything until he had to ask, “Is that a yes?” to which I replied, “of course!”

We want to thank Jerry Ghionis Photography and videographer Marcus from C2 video for his enchanting work (below). They have captured Stella and Minh’s day beautifully and created wonderful memories for their friends and family to remember. 

A huge thanks to Stella and Minh for sharing their day with us and we wish them the best of luck with their married life togther!

 Karen xx


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