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Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2

Friendships, Cosmopolitans, Love, Shoes and Fashion… what else but ‘Sex and The City’?

The highly anticipated release of the second movie instalment is finally here, and along with many girls (and boys) around the globe, the team here at Karen Willis Holmes are very excited to see what the girls are up to.

When we hear ‘Sex and the City’ we can’t help but think of fashion! Over the course of the six season series and film duo, there has been plenty of memorable fashion. There have been a few wedding gowns throughout time and then there have been some simply inspirational frocks that can be translated to the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in. To celebrate the release of ‘Sex and the City 2’, we thought we might share with you some of our favourites along with ideas on how you can recreate the look for your big day.

Carrie has always been the risk taker when it comes to fashion. She can work any outfit to make it look like a million dollars, no matter how much of a jumble of fabric, texture and style it may be.
While it isn’t a wedding gown, this gorgeous frock adorned by Carrie in season 2 is simply gorgeous. If you love this look, try our ‘Keisha’ gown. With an all-over muted sequin fabric, there is a gorgeous shimmer and the corseted bodice will give you a figure as enviable as one Ms Bradshaw!

Season 6 saw Carrie head to Paris where she wore some truly amazing pieces and this one is no exception. With circular ruffles, tulle and lace cap sleeves and bodice, this gown is simply perfection.
Love it? Opt for something like our couture gown Carrine with its layers of circles, and matching bolero to create the kind of drama that comes with an ‘it’ gown.

The eternal debate – are you Team Big or Team Aidan? Whoever you feel Carrie belongs with, you simply can’t not love Aidan! There were plenty of girls who thought Carrie to be mad when Aidan tried to convince Carrie to elope with him and she turned him down. It was picture perfect – Aidan looking swish in his tux and Carrie looks simply fabulous in this stunning white, fishtail gown that fits her like a glove. For a simple, slim-fitting fish-tail look, ‘Sharon’ is our recommendation.


Some of the best bridal fashion was showcased in the first ‘Sex and the City’ film. Carrie lived every girl’s dream, donning some amazing couture gowns for a Vogue photo shoot.
This simple style made of gorgeous lace can be matched here with the ‘Georgie’ gown.

Carrie looks gorgeous in an adorable, short, layered number. ‘Gina’ is a suitable modern option with layered ruffles on the bodice, but a simple skirt to keep with tradition.

A strapless asymmetrical silk gown is a classic look that suits most figures. Opt for ‘Rebecca’, with an asymmetrical skirt and draping on the bodice – it is oh so flattering.  

Ruffles ruffles ruffles – the fashion forward Carrie (and stylist Patricia Field) honed in early on the current trend with this choice of gown. The ‘Ribbon corset’ and ‘Full Petal skirt’ is a fabulous and fun option for ruffles in a bridal gown.

Ruffles again – but slightly more subtle this time round. For those who love the idea of ruffles, but not keen on the all-over look, go for ruffles on the skirt like ‘Roberta’ for a more sharp and sexy look.

What a dramatic vintage look! We love structured jackets, and if you are the same, go for a full skirt and bodice like ‘Chantilly bodice’ and ‘Margot skirt’ to create Carrie’s full skirted look, and finish it off with a structured silk jacket like ‘Megan’.

‘The Dress’ – what every girl is searching for, and Carrie found her true love (in bridal fashion) in the form of this amazing gown that helped bring the full-gown look back into fashion. ‘Sophia’ is a fabulous choice – right on trend, with plenty of soft layers to create that striking look!

But the fashion isn’t always just Carrie – the other girls all had their moments in the limelight too, each channelling their own personalities through their fashion choices.

When she got the marriage right with the lovable Harry she also wore the right dress for her beautiful, understated Jewish ceremony. If you love this look then ‘Collette’, with its soft silk georgette and lace cap sleeves is the perfect wedding dress beautiful candidate.

When marrying Trey, Charlotte wore an amazing dress with a fuller skirt. A beautiful combination is the ‘Annabelle bodice’ with its beaded lace and the ‘Margot skirt’, which when put together create a simply gorgeous, strapless look.

Spoiler alert!

In the latest movie, will Samantha get hitched? With photos like these emerging, we can only hold our breath and wait and see.
Samantha’s amazing figure is perfect in this gown (centre). For the same shape with all over lace, go for ‘Georgie’. Love the shape but not the lace? Stunning ‘Evaline’ would be the best choice for you.

We loved Miranda’s original choice of gown and colour here with the rich red velvet working fabulously with her red locks.
‘Scarlett bodice’ and ‘Camellia skirt’, shot previously by Bride to Be magazine, is a bold option for unconventional brides.

Want to wear a different colour to ivory but not feeling as daring as Miranda?
Follow the lead of our real bride Fleur, and go for either a metallic tone such as silver, also seen in our ‘Sharon’ gown. For a softer look, an ice blue like our real bride Anna is also a pretty option.

Bridal gowns can look really fabulous in colours other than that found on the ivory/white palette, so if you are wanting some kind of colour on your big day, there are many different options that we can help you explore – just ask!

So there you have it ladies, proof that you can channel any of the four girls in your wedding gown selection for the big day! So looking forward to the movie tonight!!

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