Thursday, May 6, 2010

RAFW Highlight - Romance Was Born...

Karen’s Diary – RAFW Highlight
Romance was Born

Last night I attended the show of Romance was Born. When I received the invite (above), I knew I was in for a treat.

Anna Plunkett, one of the designers behind the label, was once a Karen Willis Holmes staff member, so I always love to show my support and go see her designs and shows. Anna has always had a style of her own, we always used to love anticipating what she was going to wear to work every day - it was like our own mini fashion parade watching her, she always looked like she stepped off a catwalk.
I am always so impressed with the Romance Was Born designs, and of course this show was absolutely marvelous! Anna and Luke Sales (the other half of the talented Romance Was Born duo) have really outdone themselves and I could not be more proud of Anna and how well she has done in the industry. She is such a sweet girl and I am always amazed at the things she and Luke come up with!

Below are a few highlights from their show ‘Renaissance Dinosaur’.

Before the show started, we were waiting to go inside the hall, and I have not seen so many extraordinarily dressed people in one small space before! Sporting a lot of Anna and Luke’s designs, it was quite spectacular to see.
There was a long list of who’s who in the front row, with lots of well-known industry folk.

Before the show began, I took a snap of the catwalk.

Decorated with rocks and boulders, it was not your average catwalk – lots of drama.

Just as the show is starting, everyone’s attention is focused on what amazing creations are going to emerge!

An amazingly detailed dress, with a large renaissance style collar. The collars in the show were also all made by a current employee here at Karen Willis Holmes – Teresa Redrup, who has previously studied millinery and is currently studying costume. Teresa often crafts beautiful head pieces and creations for Anna’s shows.

A ‘scaly’ dress, designed to look like a dinosaur’s skin. I love how the scales graduated from small to large in size and are much heavier on the bottom – created a striking effect.

The volcano dress – a crazy and fabulous concept that no one but Romance was Born could have done!

An action shot of a very colourful creation – the movement of this piece is absolutely amazing.

Not your average daywear – except for Anna and Luke perhaps!

Anna and Luke always seem to have a bride and groom as their finale at the end of their show, although never a conventional couple of course! This year was no exception, with the bride carried out on the groom’s shoulders.

A huge congratulations to all those involved in the Romance Was Born show – a fantastic success and I wish Anna and Luke even more success in the future!

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