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Bulgari, Bulgari, Bulgari - 125 Years of Italian Jewellery

Karen’s Diary

Bulgari ‘125 Years of Italian Jewellery’ Launch

Last Wednesday, the 28th of April, I attended the opening night of Bulgari’s exhibition of ‘125 years of Italian jewellery’ with good friend, Gary Tade, at the flagship store on Castlereagh Street, Sydney. The collection was truly stunning with 65 amazing pieces showcased, and while the jewels look dazzling in the images, they really do not do justice to just how breathtaking they are in person.

Event coverage in the Social pages, including a photograph of Gary and I

Being surrounded by such beautiful jewellery got us thinking here at Karen Willis Holmes HQ about how important the process of picking jewellery is for any bride, so we thought we would share some of our titbits of advice to help you work out the perfect look for your big day.

Shown in the exhibition was this particular set – the necklace is just gorgeous, especially with its jewel tones and the intricate work placed into this piece. A statement necklace like this can be a fabulous accessory to a simple wedding gown, especially with strapless or deep plunging necklines. A piece like this can really break up the look and help to reduce the amount of skin on display around the dellocatage. Another great thing about this is that you can always wear the necklace again and when people comment on it, they would love to hear that you wore it on your wedding day.

Need some more inspiration? Channel Keira Knightley at the Oscars circa 2006 and pair a well-constructed, flattering gown with a showpiece, statement necklace. You can see how this really finishes her look for the event and doesn’t detract from the dress at all.

Keira Knightley wears Bulgari
(The necklace pictured on Keira is also on show at the exhibition)

If a bold necklace of this style is too much for your look, or doesn’t work with your selected gown, you can always accessorise with a diamante (or pearl) statement brooch instead, placed at the hip or on a sash around your waist, or as a feature point on the bodice of your gown. This can help to lift your gown to give that final ‘wow’ factor. It will also help to tie in any accessories that you have matched to it, or you can get a theme idea from a single piece of jewellery.

Leaf Brooch

Another option is to try a feature bracelet if your gown doesn’t require anything too dramatic. Bracelets help to make the wrist look dainty and can catch the sparkle whenever you move. Of course, people will also be looking at your engagement and wedding bands on the big day, so it is nice to have a feature piece on your wrist also.

    Westwood BL by Stephanie Browne jewellery

We have only selected two of the many jewellery options available in our stores; so when you are trying on gowns, don’t forget to try on different accessory options. You will see just how quickly and easily it is to finish a gown with your own signature look with a single piece of jewellery.

Note – For those interested in attending the exhibition it is operating by appointment only. Contact vintage@bulgari.com for more details.

Images courtesy of www.fashionabout.com and bulgari.com  

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