Friday, March 26, 2010

Bless this windy weather!

Now we all know that for your wedding day, you hope and pray for a gorgeous sunny day with perfect skies, no rain and calm conditions. And, in Australia, it is not just wishful thinking. We are quite blessed with lovely temperatures most of the year.
But sometimes, Mother Nature likes to throw a bit of something our way that we didn't necessarily expect or want. And your first reaction could be panic and stress. (I hope I am not making anyone panic now?)
We, at Karen Willis Holmes, receive a lot of pictures from our beautiful brides from their wedding day and I do have a very long list of favourites (I basically love all the shots we get from our brides). But some of the best ones, are the ones where the weather has not been perfectly ideal. So, IF you wake up on your wedding day, and it is a smidgen windier than you expected, you can think about these photos below, and know that regardless, you will have a huge smile on your face (like all the brides below) and a wonderful day (I mean you are marrying the love of your life!)- and you will end up with some amazing photos too!

Danielle Sullivan - looks fabulous despite trying to organise her train.

Danielle Sullivan - One of my favourite couple shots of all time.

Marianne Nahas - has a laugh and looks adorable.

Emma Neil - her husband should be helping her with her veil but is distracted by how beautiful she looks!

Naomi Lincoln - so dramatic!

Sarah Eddy-O'Shannessy has her faithful bridesmaids helping her keep her gown and veil down.

Fleur Elson-White in a non-traditional silver gown looks stunning while trying to hold onto her veil.

Helen Colville looks pretty as a picture with her gown whipping out behind her.

Jenny Luong - in San Francisco has the help of her husband to hold onto her dress.

If you would like any more information on any of these gorgeous real brides, please feel free to email us or check out our website.

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