Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love and bicycles...

Wow, we are doing a lot of posts lately!
(I am sure you can tell I am trying to catch up from when we moved).
I absolutely love today's featured real bride and wedding. 
The fateful day that Samantha Swian (nee Gibbens) chose her gown, she walked into our store in Paddington, Sydney, wanting to show her mum another gown she had tried on with us before. She wasn't 100% sure about it but she knew she loved it and it was a contender for 'the gown'. She put it on, and she looked very pretty but something didn't seem right. Then she saw another gown (new into the store that week) hanging up next to the fitting room. She thought she would give it a go even though it didn't have as much rack appeal as the other one. As soon as she walked out in it, everyone, including her mum and the girls at the store, breathed a collective sigh - we just knew it was perfect. She told us she had a black hand beaded ribbon from her grandmother (who beaded it during the depression!) that she wanted to wear as a sash and we knew that it would look pretty special. 
The photos are just beautiful - they were taken by Photos by Jay.

What a stunning shot!

Samantha accessorised her gown with a hand beaded ribbon from her grandmother, and a flower from Etsy.

The happy couple relaxed and having some fun in their pictures.

Samantha's husband, True, is a bit of an avid cyclist so their wedding theme was centred around bikes. 

The couple were married in the Hunter Valley and their reception was at Roberts Restaurant (an absolutely beautiful place with delicious food!)

So adorably cute! (She is going to be a heartbreaker..)


I would like to say thank you to you, and ask that you pass on a Big Thank you to all of your Staff at the Paddington Store for their help with my wedding dress!

Your staff all made every step of the way so fun and an enjoyable experience, from trying on gowns to final fittings I felt like a princess!! At my last fitting the girls asked if I could send through a few photos of the wedding day. The photographer has posted some pics on His Blog: http://blog.photosbyjay.com.au/ 

Both dress and Veil are KWH, I accessorised with a black hand beaded ribbon my grandmother had made during the depression, I found the sequined Purple flower on a handmade site called ETSY.

Thankyou again!

Samantha Gibbens"

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Anonymous Jay said...

Great write up Karen! Your dress (with Samantha in it of course) really stole the show on the wedding day.

March 25, 2010 at 5:00 PM  

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