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Body shapes - how to choose the best gown for you

Women and their bodies are in constant battle with each other - everyone wants to be slimmer, or taller, or more petite, they want more curves or a smaller bust - we are never happy with what we have. Everyone is unique and while we all have different body shapes, there are 6 common body shape terms used as a general categorisation, each distinguished by varying characteristics:

Oval or Diamond (aka Apple)
Triangle (aka Pear)
Inverted Triangle
Rectangle (aka Athletic)

Over the next few weeks, one post at a time, we will tackle one body shape at a time in a quest to help you to determine your body shape, how to work with your best features and find the perfect wedding gown style for your big day.

Taken from the site ‘All style solutions’ – these body shape images show us a basic idea of the common different shapes there are. We have added an extra one of a ‘Petite’ body shape as that is also a common body shape we see in the stores.
Check out ‘All style solutions’ for extensive information on different shapes and characteristics for all your body parts! 

Today’s post – Oval or Diamond (aka Apple)

 The “Apple”… Women with an “Apple” shape body could be generalised as a more curvy and round shape. They tend to be wider around the midsection, sometimes with fuller busts, and slim legs, ankles and wrists.

Although at times, the term ‘barrel shaped’ may be used and some women struggle with their curves, the advantage of being an “Apple” shape is that there are simple ways to accentuate the waist to create a more flattering shape.

Take the cue from some of our favourite “Apple” celebrities like the sultry Catherine Zeta Jones, adorable Drew Barrymore, and beautiful English rose Kate Winslet. As you can see, these girls have opted for simple flattering shapes that cinch at the waist and show off their stronger assets such as their soft shoulders and sexy bust. By highlighting these areas, “Apples” are able to show off a smaller waist, creating that sexy and very womanly, hourglass shape.

Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet

So for the big day, what should “Apples” be looking for? Below we have three gowns that could all work magic on the beautiful shape of an “Apple” girl.

Karen Willis Holmes Lauren, Melissa, and Dakota gowns (L-R)

The v-neck ‘Lauren’ gown has a twisted ruched feature on the bodice to help draw the eye in and create a smaller waist. The modest v-neck is flattering and helps keep a fuller bust in control, while also showing that slightly sexy side. The soft georgette fabric is lovely and light on the body and the floaty effect will assist in working to make the body appear less heavy.

‘Melissa’ is a beautiful strapless option, with soft ruching all along the bodice that trickles down to the skirt in a gorgeous, slinky tulle. Detailed with crystal flowers and a wide ribbon sash, these features distract the eye from running across the body, and create a beautiful overall look.

V-neck ‘Dakota’ may seem similar to ‘Lauren’ at first glance, but the layered cap sleeves and lace overlay create a completely different appearance, which channels vintage-chic. The lace overlay also helps to reduce the cling of fabric against the body and around the curves, which is a problem for some women. 

While these gowns are just a few of the many options available to “Apple” brides, each of these gowns with their soft sashes and fitted torsolettes built into the bodice, are fantastic choices which work to give “Apple” girls a flattering style and shape in their gown, without detracting from already existent gorgeous features.

Keep an eye out for next week’s body shapes post - Hourglass


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Simple dresses but my! They are so gorgeous and elegant!

January 15, 2011 at 6:24 AM  

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