Thursday, September 23, 2010

Liz and Shaun…

Today we have an extra special ‘Real Wedding’, another Karen Willis Holmes employee, Liz – who is Karen’s PA, married her sweetheart Shaun in July and is kindly sharing the story of their wedding with us, including their engagement party, the final fitting for Liz’s dress, and then the big day.

After Liz and Shaun met in high school and both took part in some innocent flirting, they parted ways without even so much as a date. However, after bumping into each other on the train a few years later, they started dating shortly after until Liz jetted off to France on exchange. While this would spell doom and gloom for most blossoming romances, Liz and Shaun powered through maintaining a long distance relationship, which was then the foundation of their five and a half years together.

With Shaun moving to the UK to study a PhD there were suspicions amongst friends, family, and the KWH team, that a proposal was looming. However when Shaun took Liz away to the Blue Mountains for a weekend, where even she was expecting a proposal, it wasn’t until they had returned home and Liz’s guard was down that he finally popped the question.

The Engagement Party

Keeping the whole experience intimate, Liz and Shaun had their engagement party on the 15th of May, 2010, at Chocolate kkomz restaurant in Eastwood, which is owned and operated by Liz’s parents.

With a number of friends and family coming from wide and far, the couple and their guests got to enjoy the delicious efforts of Liz’s parents with their huge feast, which was served buffet style and consisted of grilled oysters topped with cheese, king prawns, and also lots of  traditional Korean dishes.

Raoul, the couple’s photographer, was present at the event and was snapping away catching all the happiness of the event. One of Liz’s favourite shots was where Raoul snuck into the kitchen to capture all the action of Liz’s parents working away busily, and he took a photo of Liz’s mother mid sentence telling him to stop taking pictures of her. (Although she was saying it in Korean, so there was a good chance he didn’t know what was being said at all!)

At the end of the evening, Liz and Shaun dragged her parents out of the kitchen to thank them for all their hard work and effort presenting them with gifts as a token of their appreciation.

The Final Fitting…

We know that this is one of the most exciting times for a bride, when they are seeing the finishing touches being put to their gown and it all becomes a reality, instead of just a dream.

Liz had her final fitting at the Karen Willis Holmes couture studio with Karen and then her own little judging panel, which consisted of her Mum and sister, and two of her bridesmaids.

We love how Raoul has captured the happy moment and the excitement in these photos.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post of Liz’s wedding day!



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