Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Body shapes – how to choose the best gown for you

Today’s post – Athletic

The “Athletic” body shape… Women with an “Athletic” shaped body are generally straight up and down, but boast fit, toned figures.

Our favourite “Athletic” celebrities are the cool Keira Knightley, the sweet Kate Hudson and the sporty Cameron Diaz.

The “Athletic” body shape is slim, while being very fit and toned, with a smaller bust.
“Athletic” body shapes can look fantastic in either slim bias cut gowns to show off their svelte catwalk figure, or a long fitted, corseted shape to create and accentuate some curves through their streamlined body.

The “Athletic” shaped celebrities below have gone for both of these options in their fashion choices. Keira Knightley wows on the red carpet in a fitted fishtail gown, creating a glamorous, show-stopping look. Kate Hudson chooses to show off her slim figure, in a stunning, deep-plunging dress that has lots of sex appeal. Cameron Diaz opts for a deliciously peachy, pink gown, with draped folds in all the right places, which work to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz

Do you have an “Athletic” figure? Check out just a few of the choices we have picked below to show off your fit body shape.

Karen Willis Holmes Renee and Tiffany gowns (L-R)

For a curvaceous shape a la Keira Knightley, ‘Renee’ is the perfect gown to achieve this look. A strapless fishtail shape with a ruched bodice, the fitted corset throughout the torso pulls the waist in, creating womanly curves. To really draw attention to your sexy waist, add a big diamante brooch at the waist, and you have a gorgeous red carpet worthy gown.

‘Tiffany’ is a slinky bias cut gown with a cowl neck and low back. Made in silk satin, it falls elegantly and skims the body in all the right places. A sash at the waist creates definition, leaving you with a gorgeous gown that is simply stunning, and exudes understated glamour.  

Renee’ and ‘Tiffany’, are just two of many gown choices to show off your trim taut “Athletic” figures. Whether you opt for a long, fitted bodice shape to create more curves, or you confidently embrace your slim shape and show it off in a slinky gown, “Athletic” shapes will not be hard pressed to find a stunning number for their special day.

Keep an eye out for our last body shapes post next week – Petite 


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