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Real weddings... Lyndelle and Christopher

Lyndelle and Christopher were friends who worked together for a few years before their relationship developed into something more. Then, while holidaying in Noosa over the Christmas break in 2008, Chris dropped to one knee of the beautiful Noosa beach and asked Lyndelle to be his wife. Lyndelle said, ‘I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I didn’t even hear what he had to say!’

After 12 months of planning, the 16th of January 2010 rolled around where the happy couple wed at the Centennial Vineyards in Bowral.
The destination came about by chance, when Lyndelle and Chris were lunching with friends in the area and through it would be a beautiful place for wedding. While the couple were actually intending on a longer engagement, they decided to stop in at the Centennial Vineyards on a whim and see what the availabilities were like for a wedding. They were told there was a vacancy for 6 months time and booked it on the spot.

The theme for the wedding was kept simple and classic, with a statement black and white colour palette. Lyndelle is thrilled with how this has come up in the photos. ‘It made for some amazing photos because the beautiful deep green landscape of Bowral was accentuated and became the hero of the day… apart from my dress of course!’
And the dress was gorgeous on Lyndelle, who opted for our ‘Roberta’ gown, complete with a corseted bodice and a three-tiered ruffle at the bottom of the skirt.  Lyndelle put her signature on the gown with a black belt and brooch, to carry the theme and add just a touch more drama to her overall look.

Lyndelle said she had actually already bought a dress that she liked before ending up with her Karen Willis Holmes gown. ‘I happened to be walking past the Karen Willis Holmes Paddington store and was mesmerised by the window dressings that I just had to go in. Once I tried on a few gowns I knew I’d be taking the other one back!’
After getting the nod of approval from her mum and one of her bridesmaids, Lyndelle went ahead with the ‘Roberta’ gown. We also assisted her with her veil and jewellery, where she decided on a simple, long veil, ‘Because when else can I wear a veil?’ said Lyndelle, and a pair of earrings we had in store also.

The shoes were gorgeous peep-toe’s from Midas that Lyndelle simply loved, helping to finish her overall look.

The bridal party consisted of close friends of the couple. Chris’ best man was Richie Jameson, a friend from high school who flew in from the US for only two days, before having to head back for work. That is the testament of a true friend right there. Chris’ other groomsmen were Karl Kuchel, who also flew in from the US and Dave Bennet who lives in Sydney and is a close friend to both Chris and Lyndelle.
Lyndelle went for something a bit different and had a ‘man of honour’ who she claims did an ‘outstanding job’. Greg Treverrow had been a friend since year 8 and Lyndelle was also his ‘best woman’ when he was married a few years prior. In addition, Lyndelle had two close girlfriends, Josine Baz and Hayley Stanton, be her bridesmaids also. 

The bridesmaids were dressed in elegant, black Charlie Brown gowns, while the groomsmen wore suits from Peppers at Cremorne.

Lyndelle and Chris engaged in the services of Gwenda-Louise from Annabelle’s Florist in Bowral, who kindly allowed Lyndelle and Chris to have some photos taken in the antique store, resulting in some of their favourites from the day.

The photographer was Daniel Griffiths, when Lyndelle found his website online she said she knew at that moment that she had to work with him. ‘His images are so arresting and emotive, and there is also a sense of spectacle. On top of that he was lovely to work with, he guided us but was never pushy, I cannot recommend him highly enough’.

Lyndelle and Chris had most of their photographs taken before the ceremony so that they had enough time to go to the antique store as well as take advantage of Hopewood Estate, which was the honeymoon cottage the couple hired. They didn’t want a huge break between the ceremony and reception, so in order to squeeze everything in Daniel organised some photos for them before hand. Lyndelle was thrilled with how it all went. ‘Daniel even set up a shot in the Hopewood gardens when Chris saw me for the first time (instead of when we walked down the aisle) and it was nice to have this moment set up and captured on film. Having said that, the walk down the aisle was still very special!’
The videographer for the day was Joseph Buller from Running Images, who works closely with Daniel. Having them working together made the effort professional and easy.

While there was rain on the big day, Lyndelle and Chris didn’t let it spoil their day and took it in their stride. ‘It started raining halfway through the ceremony so we had to run inside to finish it off and get our marriage certificate!’ claimed Lyndelle. ‘But I have to say I didn’t mind one little bit as Centennial Vineyards has a gorgeous interior area, so it was completely fine’. Plus, we think the rain and dark clouds made for beautiful shots. Lyndelle said ‘I was so excited to climb over the fence and get raining shots in the vineyard’.

Once all the formalities were done the party began, where the couple had fabulous time celebrating their marriage. Half of Lyndelle’s family is Peruvian and they love to dance, so they combined a mix of South American music with the more stock-standard wedding party songs. The guests were encouraged to get up and dance with the family to the traditional South American dances.
The couple shared their first dance to ‘The Story’ by Brandi Carlisle. Lyndelle said, ‘While not an obvious song choice, it’s a song we both love with pertinent words’.

As you can see from the photos, Lyndelle and Chris had a beautiful wedding. The couple look like they are having an amazing time and we wish them all the happiness in their life ahead together as Mr and Mrs O’Keefe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing wedding - Daniels Griffiths photographs are stunning!!! And the dress works so well with the gorgeous location!

August 13, 2010 at 10:26 AM  

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