Friday, July 23, 2010

Body shapes – how to choose the best gown for you

Today’s post – Hourglass

The “Hourglass”… Women with an “Hourglass” shape body have the body shape that is considered an ‘ideal’ and perfectly proportional body shape. An “Hourglass” has a bust and thighs which are approximately the same width, along with a defined waist, creating a sexy and curvy silhouette.

Some of our quintessential “Hourglass” celebrities are the stunning Scarlett Johanssen, the glamorous Salma Hayek, and of course, the striking Dita Von Teese.

The “Hourglass” shape boasts a good bust and a tiny waist, and these celebs have taken advantage to show their best assets and really worked the right silhouette for their shape. Follow their example, and work on choosing simple flattering styles that cinch in at the waist to show off your fabulous figure.

Scarlett Johanssen, Salma Hayek, Dita Von Teese

So, what do we recommend for “Hourglass” shapes? Below we have a selection of gowns that would look fabulous on any “Hourglass” girl.

Karen Willis Holmes Allegra, Bailey and Francesca gowns (L-R)

The fishtail shape is a stunning choice for an “Hourglass” shape as it emphasises your womanly curves. The ‘Allegra’ gown with its long lace bodice and layered tulle skirt creates a beautiful feminine feel, while the sweetheart neckline softens your shoulders and shows off your great bust. With lace and tulle, it is a classic gown but with a dramatic shape, creating a modern, show-stopping look.

When you have such a striking body shape as the “Hourglass”, there is not much need for anything too fussy if that look isn’t you, understated glamour really does work best. Opt for a simple column shape like ‘Bailey’, if this idea appeals to you. While the sleek, straight shape may not seem to be the best choice for some, when on the body an “Hourglass” girl it is the perfect option, showing off your gorgeous curves. With an intricate rose patterned fabric, and a thick belt to emphasise your waist, ‘Bailey’ channels a sweet vintage look that is simple, yet stunning.

For a more dramatic look, ‘Francesca’ is a full classic gown with a modern feel. Designed with delicate, silver lace on the bust, and a sweetheart neckline, it oozes femininity and class. The belt with a simple, diamante brooch cinches in your already defined waist, teamed with a fuller skirt creating a touch of drama, ensuring all eyes are on you.

These are just three alternatives “Hourglass” brides could take – remember, for “Hourglass” girls, the perfect gown choices would show off your waist, and your fabulous curvy shape. Don’t feel shy to really go for something simple and fitted to flaunt your ‘ideal’ body.

For some more options, head into our stores where our friendly staff will be able to help you.

Keep an eye out for next week’s body shapes post – Triangle (aka Pear)


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