Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Body shapes – how to choose the best gown for you

Today’s post – Inverted triangle

The “Inverted triangle”… Women with an “Inverted triangle” shape body generally have wider shoulders and narrow hips.

Our favourite “Inverted triangle” celebrities are the amazing Angelina Jolie, the drop-dead gorgeous Charlize Theron and the radiant Demi Moore.

The “Inverted triangle” shape, has a fit athletic type figure, similar to “Athletic (aka rectangle)” shapes, which we will feature next week.

These body shapes are best flattered in slim fitting, flowing gowns.

The “Inverted triangle” shaped celebrities pictured below all opt for slim gowns that accentuate their enviable figures. With either a one-shouldered look, like Charlize, or a crossover strap, like Demi, you can divert the attention away from your shoulder area, which you may be more conscious about. Or, go for a v-neckline or a dipped neckline, like Angelina, to draw the eye in and down. 

Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Demi Moore

So, do you have an “Inverted triangle” shaped figure? Below we have just a few of the many choices available to the “Inverted triangle” shaped bride.

Karen Willis Holmes Ashley and Kimberley gowns (L-R)

‘Ashley’ is a stunning silk georgette gown, with georgette twisted and ruched on the bodice, finished with a v-shape strap to draw the eye in. With a soft flowing skirt, it is perfect when accessorised with a sash or belt to cinch the waist. For something a little different, why not try a silver ribbon like we have, and add a diamante brooch for some sparkle?

‘Kimberley’ is a fabulous asymmetrical design gown, with a one-shouldered strap, and asymmetrical draping on the bodice, and the skirt. Tie the one-shouldered strap into a big bow for a feminine sophisticated look and to add another feature to the gown. To really bring it to the next level, finish it off with something special, like the 3D flower belt we have opted for here.

‘Ashley’ and ‘Kimberley’ are two perfect choices that would show off your “Inverted triangle” shape. With such a striking, statuesque figure, it’s not hard to find a gown that will show off all of your beautiful features. Go for interesting straps and detail to redirect some attention from your shoulders, and you will be comfortable and confident like our favourite “Inverted triangle” celebs.

Keep an eye out for next week’s body shapes post – Athletic (aka rectangle)

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