Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gown in Focus - Payton with Stephanie Skirt

The ‘Payton’ bodice with its statement shoulders creates a dramatic and daring silhouette for the modern bride.

A simple wraparound, it can be worn as a top with a skirt, or as a jacket on top of a slim fitted gown.

Worn with the ‘Stephanie’ skirt (here), it creates a simple straight silhouette, with the shoulders doing all the work, framing the face and bust, and bringing attention up to the face.

The v-neckline, with the soft drape going into the waist, brings the eye in. The sash around the waist cinches it in to create a sexy hourglass shape. Wear the sash loose, with the wide tails falling down to bring the eye down and up to create the illusion of extra height. Or, wear the sash with the tails tucked away for a simple no-fuss look.

The puffy impressive sleeves create drama for a really different look. It works superbly with the simplicity of the rest of the top, and with such a beautifully shaped, fitted skirt, you don’t need much more bling.  

An extra feature that will finish off the gown beautifully, a silk flower like our ‘vogue corsage’ can be worn at the waist where the draping flows to*. This is a gorgeous piece of simple textural detail that just brings the elements together perfectly.

* Extra costs may be associated with this work, please speak to our staff for more information. 


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