Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Crown fit for a Princess

With just two days to go until the big day it is all about accessorising the dress for a Royal Crown – and Kate has a selection of glittering and stunning tiaras to choose from.

(L-R) The Duchess of Teck, the Strathmore and the Delhi Durbar.

The Strathmore Rose Tiara
The Queen mum sported this simple yet stunning floral headpiece in 1928, a gift from her parents the Earl of Strathmore on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Albert in 1923.
The tiara is beautiful, as it has five large roses on it, and is completely made out of diamonds. Queen Elizabeth has worn this tiara a few times.

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara
It was commissioned in 1914 by Queen Mary who wanted to recreate the lover's knot tiara that belonged to her grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse. Originally each knot was surmounted by an oval pearl to mirror each drop below but by 1935 it was simplified to its present form. Queen Mary passed it to her granddaughter Queen Elizabeth who in turn presented it to Diana upon the occasion of her marriage to Prince Charles.  It is unknown who owns this crown now.

The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara
Queen Mary purchased this tiara in 1921 from the collection of the
Grand Duchess Vladimir, aunt of Tsar Nicholas II, for whom it was made in the 1880s. It neoclassical design comprises 15 interlaced diamond-set ovals each centred with hanging pendant pearls. It is a perennial favourite and the pearls can also be changed out with emerald drops (Queen Mary devised this with the remaining unmounted Cambridge emeralds). It is sometimes seen without any drops
....what a versatile piece!

The Delhi Durbar
Made by Garrard for Queen Mary during the Delhi Durbar in 1911. The Delhi Durbar signifies when King George V and Queen Mary became the rulers of India.  It mas most recently been seen on Prince’s Charles’s wife Camilla, Duchess or Cornwall.

The Duchess of Teck Rose and Crescent Tiara

This neoclassical crown once belonged to Queen Mary's mother, the Duchess of Teck, whose prized jewelry collection was passed down to her daughter, Queen Mary upon her death in 1897.

The Fringe Tiara 
Created in 1919 using diamonds that had been part of a tiara/necklace given by Queen Victoria to Queen Mary on the occasion of her marriage in 1893. Queen Mary gave it to the Queen Mother when she ascended the throne in 1937. The Queen Mother lent it to both her daughter Princess Elizabeth and granddaughter Princess Anne on their respective wedding days. It may be a bit severe in design but it is definitely no stranger to a royal wedding.

The Girls Of Great Britain & Ireland 

Delicate and light, absolutely befitting a youthful bride. The tiara was originally given to the future Queen Mary (Queen Elizabeth's Grandmother) for her wedding in 1893. The tiara was purchased by a committee that raised money from the girls of Great Britain and Ireland, hence the name. Worn by Queen Mary (left), it was passed to granddaughter Elizabeth (right) on her wedding day.  It is one of Queen Elizabeth's favourites as it has high impact and is reportedly very lightweight and versatile.

I hope you all have a fantastic time celebrating the royal wedding as I will be and check back next week for my review on the gown and an extra treat!

Karen xx


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