Monday, July 11, 2011

Paris Haute Couture - JULY 2011

The first day of Paris Haute Couture fashion week opened with Giambattista Valli – a beautiful beginning of the week and for a new label to be invited into the exclusive world of Haute Couture by the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode. A great honour indeed and after only six years of running the business under his own name, with no backers. Perhaps because his work is beautiful, wearable & shows understated timeless elegance – I have shown 3 ball gowns which would look heavenly at any wedding.

If you have read any of my inspiration features, you would know that Vintage Dior is one of my favourite and a regular reference point. Each season I have loved the work Galliano has created under the Dior label and sadly, it shows he is missing.
Although the work is technically as stunning as always, the spark is missing.

The love this season has been reserved for Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy   his work is absolutely stunning, the attention to detail and fragility of the semi-sheer gowns is sublime. The soft shades of neutrals, ivory and the softest beige. The embroidered work of  delicate flowers and petals overlapping in subtle shades and layers is perfect with the use of the feathers adding texture and a delicate finish to the gowns.
With wedding gowns this season the trends are for the full gown or the soft fitted shapes as shown by Givenchy, all perfect for the modern bride wishing for some urban romance
- However we do recommend a petticoat for your wedding day

This is one of my favorites of the whole week

I Love the Edwardian feel to this


I love Gaultier – he is a “corset designer” many of his designs use this as a strong reference point and one of my lifelong favourites – this season is no exception.
I love the models he uses and a mix of intriguing characters all mixed both male and female.
The clothes I have picked here are more a reference to pieces I would like to wear rather than for bridal – but you have to have a bit of window-shopping!
There is a fashion-directional trend this season for sheer fabrics which heavy embroidery and beading in designs to work around the body rather than flat lace designs. Again, a type of finish we use a lot at KAREN WILLIS HOLMES that I love for bridal and of course, why I have noticed it in the collections.

showing the sheer fabrics and heavy beading & embroidery

i just love this trench! not really very bridal!

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli for Valentino.
The beautiful gowns showing flattering silhouettes with a delicate polished look for a modern day women
Piccioli said  “It’s the grace of a woman we’ve been looking for,” and this is what they accomplished – feminine and innocently provocative.

The sheer gowns with detailed beading
Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel
I love this collection there is more detail and layering and the collection looks a little edgier than past collections Lagerfield used some contrasting silhouettes with pencil skirts and peplums, frills and paillettes. 
Featured in the contemporary romance of the fashion-directional sheer fabrics and delicate use of embroidery and the feathers we have begun to expect for this season

All in all a stunning week of beautiful  Haute Couture gowns and some fabulous contemporary bridal influences

all of these images are from the
website - have a look for more detailed coverage and some more of the collections


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