Friday, June 10, 2011

Gown Style
Asymmetrical gowns...

An asymmetrical gown is always flattering. The drape of the fabric across the bodice or on an asymmetrical skirt will give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

‘Kimberley’ is a fabulous asymmetrical design gown, with a one-shouldered strap, and asymmetrical draping on the bodice, and the skirt. Tie the one-shouldered strap into a big bow for a feminine sophisticated look and to add another feature to the gown. To really bring it to the next level, finish it off with something special, like the 3D flower belt we have opted for here.

‘Kimberley’ as featured in
WHITE Magazine – Issue 10

Karen Willis Holmes - ‘Kimberley’

Gowns that use an asymmetrical drape detail will also draw your eye line to your face as well as highlighting it.  Real Bride balanced off her silhouette by accessorising with a black sash – tied at the opposite side to her asymmetrical strap.

Real Bride – Samantha (Photos by Jay)

The ‘Rebecca’ gown is an asymmetrical draped gown in powerloom silk.  Delicate drapes are folded through the bodice and skirt meeting at the hip.  Accentuate this point with a silk flower or bejewelled brooch.

Karen Willis Holmes – ‘Rebecca’

Real Bride Kathryn completed her wedding day look with a handmade powerloom silk shoulder corsage and fingertip veil.  Again using a one shouldered strap detail with further show off your décolletage and shoulder.

Real Bride – Kathryn (Photos by Jay)

Have a look at this dramatic draped detail of the ‘Renee’ gown in powerloom silk.  The cross over ruching and definition to the waist at this side is highlighted with a diamante leaf brooch giving the illusion of a cinched in waist.  

‘Renee’ bodice close up

Karen Willis Holmes – Renee

Come in store to try some asymmetrical looks!
Karen xx

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