Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Secret Weapons Accessories now available

In store we have often get questions from brides about what to wear under their gown.  Now I am thrilled to say that the Karen Willis Holmes e-boutique and stores now stocks Secret Weapon Accessories.  From seamless ‘Nudi Knickers’ and ‘Nudi Bra’s’, Stick It Rescue Tape and Gel Cushions you can now purchase the underwear and accessories you will need on your big day.

Here are some of my favourite products that all brides should have on their big day:

One of the most common questions we get is what underwear is best under a wedding gown.  There is such a variety of choice now with underwear and shape products – you can get almost anything to suck in every lump and bump from navel to knee.  I find that a good pair of seamless underwear in either nude or white does the trick - save the frills and lace for later!  

The Secret Weapons Nudi Knickers are skimpier than a full brief and more flattering than a boy short, Nudi Knickers are designed with a woman's body in mind, to flatter the parts you love and hide the bits you don't!  

While you don’t need to wear a bra with our corset gowns some brides are more comfortable wearing a bra in the less structured gowns however you don’t want any annoying straps of the bra itself showing.  If you are after some a strapless bra that will still provide you with support then go for a Nudi Bra.  The backless and strapless adhesive bra is super light, reusable and will give you that perfect cleavage and line when you want to avoid wearing bra 

straps. Being an adhesive bra the Nudi Bra will give you the ultimate in support, lift and cleavage! 

The Nudi Bra will provide you with maximum comfort and works fabulously with the ‘Tiffany’ or ‘Greta’ wedding gowns for example.

(L-R) Tiffany and Greta

A staple in any woman’s handbag, and I think all brides should have Stick It Rescue Tape with them on their wedding case for those ‘just in case emergencies’ for either yourself or your bridesmaids. With 5 metres in length, Stick It double-sided fashion tape is excellent value, convenient and easy to use.

You have the perfect pair of heels for your big day, but we don’t want you in pain by the time the reception starts so why not pick up a pair of gel cushions for your dancing shoes!

Karen xx

p.s. for more information please contact us on (02) 9519 3901 or have a look on the e-boutique 


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