Friday, January 20, 2012

Karen Willis Holmes Video…

About mid-way through last year, we started thinking about how we can share with the world what goes into making a wedding gown, and specifically what goes into making a KAREN WILLIS HOLMES wedding gown. 
We wanted to share with our brides, their family and friends, our suppliers, our employees… and even the grooms! WHY? Because we love what we do and are very proud of our label. We are proud that it is more than just a ‘business’. It is a craft. It requires hours of passion, skill, love and precision.
 We are proud that all of this takes place is Australia and we a very proud when we see brides wearing our dresses. 

We were contacted by Untitled films at about making a video and as soon as we saw the magic they create, we knew this is what we’ve been looking for!

Here is our video showing what we do. We hope you enjoy it…..

Karen and the KWH team x


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