Thursday, August 4, 2011

new, borrowed, blue… and something ETERNAL

At the Karen Willis Homes workroom yesterday, the ladies at lunchtime were reminiscing about their wedding day. The gown, the veil, the music, the first dance, the food…some memories going back 28 years!!! Then we asked the question, what perfume did you wear?

This delightful mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents seems to be the thing that lasts after the big day becomes a distant memory. A splash of the scent you wore years ago would without doubt bring back cherished memories for you and your beloved!

The right scent to set off either a romantic, nostalgic, classic or contemporary mood for your big day is just as imperative as choosing the right wedding dress.

On that note, here are our personal favourite five…

Jo Malone Red Roses 
Perfect for Any bride – any season. 
Was there ever a more romantic scent than this? Composed of seven (that’s right, seven) types of roses from around the world, this classic scent is voluptuous, dreamy and surprisingly light, with a tantalizing heart of crushed violet leaves and hints of lemon. Set in a beautiful glass bottle with a delicate pink hue, this is the perfect accompaniment to the most romantic day of your life.

Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum
Perfect for: Statement-making brides
A sphere of fresh, floral and exotic notes; this scent is truly individual, bold and ever-dynamic. Our favourite fragrance from the House of Chanel – just perfect for making your special day extra-unforgettable.

 Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau 
Perfect for: Elegant, airy fashionistas and brides channelling a sixties vibe.
In a nutshell: Simple, sparkling and tender; it opens with a fruity, flavourful top note of bitter orange that delights like a tangy sweet, and builds to a powdery-soft melange of floral freshness. 

Agent provocateur
Perfect for: Seducing your new husband on your wedding night.
Sexy brides will sizzle in this classic scent. Blending exotic notes from the four corners of the Earth, including of Russian coriander, Moroccan rose and French magnolia, with pure saffron oil, ylang ylang and Virginian cedarwood, it’s as bewitching and beguiling as fragrance comes.

The Garden Party Tuberose 
Perfect for: Grown-ups who still want to wear a pretty floral fragrance.
In a nutshell: Tuberose, the rich white creamy flower, can often be cloying and headachy, but this stays subtle and clean. The sensual linger is really sexy; after all, Tuberose contains the aphrodisiac molecule indole, which also occurs in all animal scents

Karen xx


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