Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Real Bride...

Jen & Tristan

Jen and Tristan shared a beautiful wedding day on 4 December 2010 at a private property, just outside of Bungendore NSW. We would love to share some their photos with you!

“We went for a French, provincial feel.  We wanted it to be a combination of elegance, relaxation and fun with good food and wine!”

Gorgeous! Molly Simpson, Chloe and Sophie Wight

“We were secretly engaged for a while.  One night while we were preparing dinner I said I would make a great wife one day and then got very embarrassed. Later that evening, Tristan reminded me of my comment and said that he thought it was a great idea and we should do it and asked me to marry him.  We then chose the ring together that we liked, Tristan had it made and a few months later he asked for my Dad’s approval to marry me.”

 It was torrential rain all week and on the day we had a small shower in the early afternoon but it cleared for the ceremony, it was like magic.  My mum passed away a few years ago and the whole wedding thought that she was looking after us. It was just great.

My close friend Phoebe Cuthbertson bought the Penelope gown a few years ago. Her dress was amazing and the service she had from the staff was wonderful. I also like the fact that Karen offers such a range of gowns for all shapes and the quality and designs are amazing. They are also made to a real size 10-12 that actually fit when you try them on. I went to some other places and my own size is a 10-12 and yet half of their dresses could not do up. It was rather unfortunate for the designers as they really limit their market as it doesn’t make you feel too good!

“My stepmother Lynda and her friend Christine were incredible. They did SO much to help us with all of the decorations and we couldn’t have done it without them. Also my Dad, Christine’s husband, Deb and Steve who own the property worked tirelessly to get the garden and place just right for our day. It was just incredible. When people ask to help – take them up on the offer!”

It was just wonderful. A day of happiness, lots of laughter and beautiful moments. We want to do it all over again! 10 year renewal of vows here we come…maybe Paris..

All images by Dan O’Day (

We wish Jen and Tristan the best of luck with their future together and bring on Paris!

Karen xx


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