Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Tooth...

Satisfying the sweet tooth can be a difficult decision! With so many options of flavours, colours, heights and decorations, it can be very overwhelming to choose your wedding cake. The cake is one of the sweet finishing touches to your wedding and can act as a final compliment of the day that everyone can enjoy. Researching for the perfect cake can be a lot of fun (not to mention delicious!) as taste testing is necessary!

Here at Karen Willis Holmes one of our favourites are the scrumptious and very sweet wedding cakes at ‘Sweet Art’ in Paddington.

Bride and groom figurines on the top of cakes have definitely come a long way in recent times and can be a realistic interpretation of the actual bride and groom. Figurines can add a personal touch to your wedding cake.

A popular option that has been favoured by many of our real brides is to use lots of individual cupcakes to create a wedding cake work of art. The plus side of these cupcake creations is that you can cater for specific numbers easily as well as there being no mess or fuss at the cutting.

Not only logistically practical, the cupcakes look super scrumptious as individual mini artworks.

This chocolate number is far from traditional as the abstract angles of the tiers and funky contrasting colours create a very unique work of art! 

These cakes provide a unique twist on traditional styles. This artwork could easily be personalised to represent the bride and groom.

Last but not least on our cake voyage is some more traditional, but equally stunning cakes from some of our real brides’ weddings.

So many spectacular and no doubt delicious options! Hope these beauties have been inspiring; we have no hesitation that you will have fun choosing your own wedding cake. 

Karen xx


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