Monday, September 5, 2011

What to Wear..Underwear?...

Underwear for your wedding day may not be the first thing on your list to think about, however it is very important in avoiding some nasty VPL! The ‘Visible Panty Line’ is generally caused by tight fitting clothing, thin outer clothing or thick underwear- and is not something any bride wants on her wedding day. 

The choice of the best underwear to wear under your gown really depends on the style of wedding gown. A gown with a full skirt eliminates the problem, however a close fitting, bias slinky gown can get tricky. It may even lead you to think that the best choice might as well be the same as Pippa Middleton!

Did she or didn't she? The world is left to wonder if anything helped Pippa to achieve her booty-ful, now famous behind. Whatever the secret- it definitely worked!

See the comparison? How to avoid the fashion disaster that is the VPL!

Our recommendation is for seamless nude plain underwear or with as few seams as possible. To avoid all signs of VPL. Either a plain G-string (avoid lace) or the other extreme with larger ‘shaping’ underwear such as Nancy Ganz or Spanx.

Shaping underwear has come a long way and is available in a multitude of colours and styles, ranging from ‘full body’ to G-string.  Not only to avoid a VPL, this type of underwear  aims to slim and shape those problem areas instead of sucking them in, intending to leave you feeling confident and sexy.  

Spanx 'high-rise' underwear with thong back, smooths and accentuates your curves.

Nancy Ganz full body underwear is like wearing a second skin!

Here at Karen Willis Holmes we love the ingenious undies from ‘Secret Weapons’, including these ‘Nudi Knickers’, and ‘Nudi- G’ designed to sit with your body to create a smooth silhouette. You will not be able to go past the comfort of the barely-there undies, and will have peace of mind that everything is concealed. Available at our e-boutique now, these are certainly a must have accessory for your day.

Secret Weapons- 'Nudi-Knickers'

We hope this has given some insight to the options you have when it comes to the perfect underwear for your gown. Don't forget to take into account comfort, as well as trialing your undergarments with your gown before the day. The rear view can be just as stunning!

Karen xx


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