Friday, September 16, 2011

Destination Bride...

The dance floor is empty and the last guest has gone home … floating on the high of your special day  it is now time to look forward to spending some quality time together on your honeymoon! Honeymoons can come in many different forms, from pure relaxation at a secluded beach location, to an adventure filled ski trip in snowcapped mountains. It can be a lot of fun deciding as a couple where you want to spend this special time together… Join us as we take a look at some truly amazing honeymoon destinations, with a guarantee that there will be something for every personality!

 Mangis, Bali, Indonesia

The secluded island of Mangis in Bali, Indonesia is an enchanting destination that boasts privacy and peace, for the ultimate relaxing getaway.  The extensive beaches and freshness of being so close to nature is blissful and the perfect place to unwind and bask in the sunshine with your new husband or wife!

To channel the carefree Balinese bride, we love the stunning ready-to-wear gowns 'Estelle' and 'Ashley' that have that easy-going feel.

Florence, Italy

Florence oozes an Old World romantic mood with its dreamy history and amazing art. For those who love musing in museums and dining on hearty Italian meals, Florence is the escape for you and your loved one.

An Italian goddess deserves an equally amazing gown. For that Old-World romantic feel we love our 'Sophia' gown.


Swiss Alps, Switzerland

If you and your partner are keen to experience the outdoors in a more adventurous location, look no further than the Swiss Alps. A hiking, cycling and skiing hotspot, the Alps provide a truly stunning backdrop to these activities. For an extra touch of romance, sampling Swiss chocolate is a must for a Switzerland honeymoon.

For the winter loving bride, our Minelli feather shrug is a must-have accessory to keep the chill away and keep you looking elegant and stylish.


 Las Vegas, Nevada

This glamour city is idyllic for couples wanting an exciting, action-packed honeymoon. Vegas boasts a whirlwind of top-notch night-life, gourmet dining and entertainment galore and with the bright lights gleaming through the night, its romantic side is undeniable.

For the glamour and class of  Las Vegas, we cant go past our couture gown, 'Claudia' which is guaranteed to turn heads.

We hope these fabulous locations have inspired you for both your wedding and honeymoon.Wherever in the world you choose to spend your nuptials or honeymoon, make sure it reflects you and your partners personalities and will provide enjoyment and happiness for you!

Karen xx


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