Monday, September 19, 2011

You may now cut the cheese...

Our sincere apologies for not including this amazingly creative cake in our previous Wedding Cake blog, we have just stumbled upon the idea of have a cheese wedding cake in the place of a traditional sweet cake!!

Turn your back on fruit cake, forget marzipan.. Here is a wedding cake with a difference!

The choice to go with a cheese wedding cake could be because something a bit different is wanted from the traditional sweet cake, or because you have a pure love of cheese!

Half the fun of having a cheese cake is in the decoration and really the options are endless. Different types of flowers, vines, leaves and straw for a natural look or add fresh fruit that compliments cheese such as cherries, figs or grapes that will give extra glorious colour and taste! A beautifully decorated cheese-cake can be a masterpiece!

Depending on how many layers on the cheese- cake, a variety of different cheeses can be selected to suit everyone’s cheese tastes. Stick to harder cheeses towards the bottom for structural purposes!

 We hope you love this original and inventive idea as much as we do!
There’s nothing cheesy about this…

Karen xx


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